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Uno61 Casa de Arte

Derived of a passion for contemporary art, I participated in the foundation of a House of Fine Art. The project is inspired in the application of maths to the study of image, once that it provide us simplicity and logic to better understand forms and irregular shapes of the creative elements.

The project seeks to link and unite those who are able to create art, with those who surround themselves and appreciate the beauty of it. The purpose is to establish a channel of communication that fosters the culture of art appreciation and collecting.

Trinity defines the pillars of this project. Three founding minds in different areas: technology, valuation and design; Three philosophies: cooperativity, complexity and creation; Three value propositions: art brokerage, analysis and study of the image, global promotion.

Why UNO61? 1,618 are the numbers that represent the Golden Ratio, the most accurate mathematical description of the perfection of nature. It is the number that exposes the proportion and the mystery of beauty to the human eye.

The Platform Advances in communication networks have revolutionized our behaviour. In this sense the Internet has gained great impetus, providing efficiency and accessibility both to the buyer and sellers, with much faster transactions and wider global reach. Taking in consideration this context, the first stage of the project acts as a virtual gallery that offers to artists a channel to sell their pieces.

Through the development of catalogues, we are promoting their work, discussing their context and techniques, making evident the beauty we found on them, based, on our Uno61 (1.61) philosophy. The long-term purpose of this catalogues, is to consolidate an archive for the study, and evidence of the trends of Mexican and Iberoamerican Contemporary Art.

Graphic Identity

A golden triangle, also known as the sublime triangle, is an isosceles triangle in which the duplicated side is in the golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio is mathematically expressed as (1 + √5) / 2, an irrational number that is present in different manifestations of beauty in nature and the universe.

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