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How can the arts and imagination contribute to building more peaceful societies?

For this project, I worked with the team from Positive Peace and Between Borders (UK based organisations) to create and test interventions that investigated powerful political and social questions with the potential to instigate peace or significant social change.

Working under the umbrella themes of changing narratives, arts as a catalyst and creative leadership, it was challenged the preconceptions regarding 'Bullying' to imagine more creative and original ways to alter the dynamics of this type of violence and conflict.

Hearts through Arts

Bullying is something everyone has experienced at some point in their life, as a victim, bully, defender or bystander. Popular culture casts a negative spotlight on bullies as being bad people, but is this really the case? As human beings, don’t we all have the capacity for both good and bad?

As a part of this arts-based initiative, different artist were invited to flip negativity on its head and create an original work of art highlighting the good within people, to generate compassion towards the bully.The pieces of art contributed to question the way we stand bullying and provoked conversations among young audiences.

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