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Plexus Art Observatory

With the aim of exchanging experiences and knowledge about art, Uno61 House of Fine Art presents its digital platform: Plexus Art Observatory

This project aims to involve various stakeholders whose activities are focused on the promotion, dissemination and preservation of art and the creation of artistic projects, under various perspectives and branches of knowledge.

The contents generated in this platform will have a significant cultural value, as they will constitute an open archive, to serve as reference to reflect, understand and study the practices and contemporary artistic trends.

This project is based on three pillars:

Cooperativity – PLEXUS is a joint effort for the formation of a reference in the study of art, proposed as an open platform which aims to incorporate various and valuable opinions, researches and contributions.

Complexity – Understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but considering that each part is how one can understand everything, take the complex from the elementary part and scale the concept. Different perspectives and areas of knowledge converge at UNO61ARTE and different disciplines bring their knowledge to PLEXUS

Creation – It is necessary that the feelings that art provokes do not remain only in the internalization, but that those serve to inspire and drive research, dynamism, change and pursuit of knowledge.

With this project we are opening a channel of communication for the dissemination of art, which aims to stimulate a critical reflection. With the aim of encompassing a global and complex opinion, an open invitation is extended, to all of those interested in contribute to this project.

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