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Spacey 1.0 Communication for Development


Spacey, is a platform of communication for development, which aims to solve common issues of communities, in a micro and macro perspective. It is proposed as a digital roundtable where people from different communities meet to discuss the most feasible and viable options in which they can overcome communal challenges.

The methodology is based on the learning process of instructional scaffolding, created to deliver focused solutions to communities in need of aid. The project operates by using the power of individuals’ imagination and integrating a number of analyst and advisers to derive in communal solutions, and help finding innovative ways to spread messages in the local community which can create greater awareness for local people to live more healthy, happy and sustainable lives.

It is intended to be a platform that collects visual elements and ideas of people of a certain community to address communal challenges, to then be discussed in a digital roundtable and propose alternatives to the defined challenges.

The expected outcomes, are the framework to set focused strategies of action that will help individuals to work collectively on the achievement of local economic development, and bring communal wellbeing.

The project is based on the idea that reality can be changed only through agreements made collectively. But to achieve this stage, it is first necessary to understand and respect the cultural identity of others. In this sense, following this premise, this project seeks to prove that the establishment of collaborative networks of support and the use of creativity is a methodology that facilitates decision-making in search of prosperity and human development.


The social constructs, which mark social conformity, have been formed by symbolically established ideas, stories, events and beliefs that influence the culture and individuals behaviour.

In this manner, Spacey is presented as a community-based tool founded on the learning process of instructional scaffolding, that makes an extensive use of symbols and drawings to lowering the barriers of language, allowing to abstract ideas and bring them to a level where the word fades into second term, causing that the communication between the community members and whoever is intervening it becomes more simpler, clearer and direct.

In this process, the whole community is involved in questioning the social reality in which they live. By doing this, it is possible to incorporate new thoughts built in collective, and encourage conscious changes and group responsibility.

The methodology follows a logical sequence:


The input stage operates by encouraging individuals of a community to use the power of their imagination to communicate with words, images, drawings or symbols:

1) The definition of a communal issue or challenge to be addressed 2) The proposal of solutions by members of the community


The second stage is a digital roundtable integrated by a number of analyst and different stakeholders, invited to advice, share experiences and knowledge, to look for the resources needed to propose a feasible and viable solution, including the:

3) Analysis and discussion of the desirable alternatives proposed by the community 4) A feasibility study and discussion of similar cases


5) A valuable proposition that incorporates what is desirable, feasible and viable for the community.

6) The creation of an open archive of each case addressed, to serve as a source for future projects and different stakeholders.


The idea of the name comes from the reflection that the world is emancipated in a state of social conformism, that just generates more issues in the functionality of the communities. Creating social conflicts, blocking the establishment of agreements for the development.

How can you help?

Either you have a formal education or you don’t. Either you are interested in politics, economics, science or creativity, or you can contribute to this project just by sharing what you know. A challenge will be posted on this blog, and your task will be to contribute with innovative solutions, advice, or different resources to create a feasible and viable solution or proposition.

Furthermore, if you are in a position where you can help with valuable resources to facilitate the implementation of plans in a specific community, you are most welcome to use Spacey as the door to bring development. #FREEDOM

An open invitation is extended, to all of those interested in contributing to this project.

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