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Everything contains two mutually incompatible and equally essential parts or aspect. Humans, we are a unity of opposite qualities. We are Focus and distraction.
When I talk about focus, I refer to paying particular attention to something. While when I refer to distraction, I mean diversion of thought.
How often are you tempted to switch to another context?  How conscious are you of this desires?

The advent of modern technological developments, have taken us to an era of constant distraction, we are living in a state of continuous partial attention. We are here, but not aware. 
So what can we do to focus? what happens when we force focus?  Isn't that act itself, a distraction from our reality?
All this is in front of us, a unity of opposite qualities.  Are you mindful of that?

What if we could cross the barriers of science facts with science fiction? Just imagine: What would happen if we could project the actual consequences of forcing our focus on what diverts us from the here and now?

Imagine a virtual reality which allows us to be at once aware of our distractions, and yet remain mindful. A tool that incorporates our lack of focus in our mindfulness, in order to reduce stress.  We are immersed in this duality of focus and lack of focus, placed directly at this complicated intersection. Mindfulness doesn't work without distraction. Distraction is a part of mindfulness. They are one in the same, and virtual reality can help us to experience them in tandem.

The experience is something unique.  Do you agree this unity of opposite qualities can operate in the same way?

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